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5 Signs It’s Time for a Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment is an essential criterion for keeping your vehicle operating at it optimally. Unfortunately, other maintenance tasks such as oil changes and fluid top-offs can overshadow wheel alignments. It causes them to become overlooked and forgotten. Regardless of their easy fix, drivers may not be aware their vehicle displays poor wheel alignment signs. Below are five signs it may be time to schedule a wheel alignment.

Your vehicle pulls to one side. 

If you're cruising down a straight and level road, your vehicle should continue to drive straight even when you aren't steering. Your car may not go in a completely straight line, but it should not drift too far left or right. If your vehicle veers to one side, it's time to have the alignment inspected. 

There's abnormal tire wear.

Tire wear tells a lot about the health of your vehicle. Automotive experts can use tire wear to determine if tire pressure is off, the suspension is damaged, or the wheels are misaligned. If the tire tread is wearing unevenly, consider having a wheel alignment performed to increase your tires' lifespan.  

The steering wheel is crooked. 

If you're driving on a straight, flat road, the steering wheel should be centered. The emblem on the steering wheel should be level. If you notice that the steering wheel is off-center by a few degrees, the wheel alignment should be inspected. An alignment will correct the steering wheel and improve overall drivability. 

The steering wheel feels unstable. 

If you're driving and notice you have to use more grip to control the steering wheel, this can indicate a problem. A loose or sloppy steering wheel may mean it's time to have the alignment addressed to restore full functionality.  

The steering wheel is vibrating. 

If you haven't noticed by now, the steering wheel can give a lot of information on the alignment's health. If your wheels are misaligned or unbalanced, the steering wheel will shake. A vibrating steering wheel can also be a sign of other significant problems with the brake rotors. The moment the steering wheel starts to vibrate, have your trusted automotive mechanic look into the issue. 

Wheel alignment in Merritt Island, FL

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