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Be in Tune with Your Car

To keep your vehicle and its engine performing well, it is imperative to take it to a trusted auto repair shop for regular tune-ups. Engine tune-ups are a form of preventative maintenance that is a necessity. It can prevent catastrophic accidents and events from happening as well as keep your repair costs low down the line. Additionally, tune-ups can help you or your mechanic spot potential problems early on before they can become fatal.

So, What Is A Tune-Up?

An engine tune-up is a procedure of rejuvenating your vehicle's engine by cleaning, adjusting, and replacing several key components. The steps may vary from car to car but usually include:

  • Inspecting the condition and level of vehicle fluids and performing an oil change if necessary.
  • Checking the serpentine belt and hoses for signs of aging and damage.
  • Cleaning the engine's fuel-system components to ensure nothing is clogged. Replace the fuel filter, and check the fuel pump or fuel injector for any signs of damage.
  • Looking at the appearance and testing the spark plugs.
  • ... and more!

Signs that Indicate You Need a Tune-up

  • Warning light illuminated on dashboard
  • Lowered fuel mileage
  • New and unusual noises
  • Odd smells
  • Poor performing engine (example: engine misfiring, rough idling, slow engine starts, weak acceleration, etc.)

Your engine's health is key to preserving the longevity of your car. If you want to protect your investment, then make sure to keep up with your tune-ups. Neglecting your engine could cause more damage to your car and be costly later on.


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