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Car Road Trip Games for Holiday Travel

Are you planning to go on a road trip with your family or friends? If so, the likelihood of boredom is high before reaching the intended destination. That is why it is crucial to prepare road trip games to make it enjoyable and make your passengers have fun.

Top Car Road Trip Games for Holiday Travel

One Sentence Story

It's a progressive story with a catch where one person starts a story one sentence at a time, and the rest take turns adding a sentence until the story ends. Bella went to the grocery store. Unfortunately, it was closed. Fortunately, she met John. This is the idea!

Cows on My Side

Road trip with kids? This is the best game to keep them entertained. The game helps to sharpen the math skill of your kids. To get the point, yell "cows on my side" when you spot cows on your side. However, shout "cows on your side" if it is contrary and win a point from your opponent. Pass a cemetery, and all your cows are gone!

Would You Rather

It's pretty amazing when you get to know a lot about your car mates. Choose one person and pose a question. For instance, would you rather be the best auto shop dealer given a chance?

Word Association

You start an association by posing a question. For instance, what do you think when I say auto shop? The first player answers, and then each person has 2 seconds to say something about it.

Marry, Kiss, Avoid

Each person in the car says three famous people they know, and each takes a chance and admits who they would like to kiss, marry, or ignore.

Movie Game

For all the movie lovers, this is for you! Pick a random letter and have everyone in the car name a movie that starts with that letter without posing. The first person to delay loses, and the game begins again with a different letter.

Never Have I Ever

Players hold up five fingers then they take turns naming things they have never done. If whatever you said is mentioned by another player, they put down a finger. The last player with a finger up wins.

Have lots of fun on your road trip and safe travels! However, you can bring your vehicle to Robbie's At Your Service for professional care. We can inspect it for you before you travel to ensure that your car will remain reliable on the road.