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Do I Need a Wheel Alignment or Tire Balance?

The average person will commonly mistake a wheel alignment and tire balance service for one another. However, they are two different services and serve distinct purposes. Here's what you need to know about both wheel alignment and tire balance and how they will benefit your vehicle. We hope you understand which service you need depending on your vehicle's symptoms by the end of this.


Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment is a service where a professional tech alters the angles of your car's wheels to meet the manufacturer's specifications. This type of alignment is also referred to as tracking or breaking, and it is an integral part of your vehicle's maintenance schedule. During the service, the camber, toe, and caster are inspected to account for wheel orientation.

The primary objective of a wheel alignment is to reduce wear and tear on the tires. Wheel alignment also makes sure your vehicle drives straight without moving to veer.  


Tire Balance

A tire balance is a service that fixes the amount of mass distributed between your car's tires or the wheels, including the rim. A certified technician will usually use a balancing device and other computerized equipment to determine how much weight needs to be adjusted.

An imbalance in the tires can create an unpleasant driving experience, such as making your steering wheel very unstable. You'll also start to feel unsafe and uneasy knowing that you don't have complete control of your vehicle. Over time, your car's wheels will become loose, and a tire balance will restore the proper balance it needs. 


Which One is More Important?

Wheel alignment and tire balance are equally necessary for the performance and dependability of your tires. If your automobile needs a wheel alignment or tire rotation, look no further! At Robbie's At Your Service, we have everything you are looking for. We welcome you to our shop today. Bring us your vehicle, so we can help you achieve a smooth, comfortable driving experience.