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Is 30/60/90K Vehicle Maintenance Important?

30/60/90K vehicle maintenance (aka factory scheduled maintenance or factory-recommended maintenance) is a trusted way of vehicle maintenance. If you want your car to run for years to come, you should follow the factory-recommended maintenance schedule. 


What You Should Expect For Maintenance At Robbie's At Your Service

At our auto service shop in Merritt Island, FL, we believe the upkeeping of your car is the most important responsibility for every car owner. The steps of maintaining your vehicle include the essential maintenance items that everyone knows: changing your motor oil regularly, checking tire pressure, having tires rotated, and more.


While the certified technicians at our auto repair shop know the ins and outs of performing maintenance on various vehicle makes, you can also use your owner's manual. The car manual is an excellent source for understanding what key maintenance items are needed every 30,000 miles. There, you'll find the recommended services for each interval, and it will allow you to manage expectations and plan your budget accordingly. 


Here are some of the automotive services your vehicle may need occasionally: 

  • Check tire pressure and fluid levels.
  • Top off fluid or flush fluid.
  • Inspect gas tanks and fuel lines.
  • Replace filters.
  • Check the engine exhaust manifold.
  • Test the battery and check for corrosion.

When having maintenance done, you (or your tech) should never forget to fill in your maintenance record so that you can keep track of your repair work.


Why Should You Plan for 30/60/90K Maintenance?

Factory maintenance is one of the most crucial parts of owning and upkeeping a vehicle. If you want an efficient and reliable vehicle, you should absolutely follow your manufacturer's recommendations. When you maintain your car the right way, you could be saving yourself tons of money from repairs down the line. 


For those who are conscious of your environmental impacts, factory maintenance also allows a reduction in emissions by preventing hazards like fuel leaks from occurring in cars.


If you need 30/60/90K vehicle maintenance performed in Merritt Island, FL, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Robbie's At Your Service today!