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Spring Maintenance Checklist for Your Vehicle

With the arrival of spring comes the need of preparing your car for the warmer months ahead. The winter months can take a toll on your car. That's why spring maintenance is crucial. To help you keep your car in top shape this spring, here is a spring maintenance checklist.

  • 1. Check your Tires

After the snow and ice have gone, it's time to swap back to your normal summer or performance tyres if you were using snow tires. For all season tires, you can instead rotate them to extend their years of service. Other things to check are tire pressure and uneven tread wear.

  • 2. Change Engine Oil

Maintain your car in peak condition by timing oil changes with the seasons. For optimum engine efficiency, it's recommended to replace the oil and filter every three months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first.

  • 3. Examine Windshield Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are susceptible to wear and damage throughout the winter months due to snow and road salt. Replace them before the spring showers hit. Also, remember to replenish the windshield wiper fluid.

  • 4. Check the Brakes

Cold weather accelerates the deterioration of brakes, as it does with windscreen wipers. Pay special attention for any squeaking, grinding, or clanging. Have your brake pads and drums examined frequently by a professional, even if you don't notice any noise.

  • 5. Vehicle Underbody Wash

If you're an avid winter driver, your car's underbody is likely covered with salt. Road salt can corrode and harm your car's body and undercarriage. Spring is the ideal time to wash your car off the salt. Most car washes include powerful sprayers that remove salt from beneath automobiles.

  • 6. Boost the Battery

The harsh conditions of winter are hard on vehicle batteries. Check its charge retention and strength, and give it a boost if necessary. Have the battery replaced if its more than three years old.

By completing these maintenance tasks, you can help ensure that your vehicle is ready for the spring months ahead. Visit Robbie's At Your Service today if you want help with any of these tasks, or have other vehicle maintenance needs. Our experienced technicians will perform a comprehensive inspection and get your vehicle ready for the season.