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When Should You Replace Your Muffler?

If you’ve ever heard a car make loud roars as it accelerates, it is because the owner has a cracked or cut out muffler. The muffler is an exhaust system component responsible for canceling out engine sounds to ensure smooth and quiet drives. 


In addition to silencing the engine sounds, the muffler also plays a part in protecting you and the environment from the damaging effects of toxic gasses. Your combustion engine spits out byproducts, and the exhaust directs them through a series of pipes and out the back of your vehicle.


Mufflers are intended to last a very long time, but they don’t always last forever. The inside and outside of your car’s muffler can experience significant wear and tear over time. If you have an older vehicle, there’s a good chance you may have to replace the muffler soon. Since mufflers are metal, the common culprit of muffler decay is rust.

  • External Rust - Rust can develop on the outside of the muffler as a result of poor car care practices. It is important to regularly clean your car, especially after the winter to clean off any lingering road salt.
  • Internal Rust - Rust can also form on the inside of a muffler from lingering condensation. If that moisture build-up over time, it can spread quickly inside and out.


While a little rust spot may not seem like a huge deal at first, it can eat away at your muffler. Below are some of the major signs you may experience:

  • Loud muffler
  • Sluggishness
  • Excess vibrations or shakiness
  • Decrease in fuel economy

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