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4 Signs That Indicate You Need Shocks or Struts Replacement

Your shocks or struts are an underrated part of the vehicle – they play a major role in supporting your vehicle and absorbing the road’s impacts. Without them, your car rides will not feel so smooth. If your car is properly maintained, you can go up to 100,000 miles before needing it these suspension components replaced. But if you put a lot of stress on your vehicle, you might need to replace them in as little time as 50,000 miles.


Here are 4 signs that indicate you need suspension repairs:

Car Dips in the Front or Droops in the Back

Does your vehicle dip down every time you brake? If so, that is a sign that your front suspension needs attention. On the other hand, if your car’s rear dips lower than usual, it means your rear shocks could be on their way out. 

Greasy Appearance

Do you notice any fluid leaking down towards the shock or strut? If they have a shiny or greasy appearance, you should have a professional mechanic take a look at where the leak is coming from. It could very well mean you’re due for suspension replacement.

Bouncy Ride

A bouncy car ride is one of the most evident symptoms that indicate bad shocks or struts. If your vehicle starts to feel unstable on the road, we invite you to our shop to check it out. You can also test this at home using the bounce test. Simply push on the bumper and then release. If your car bounces more than twice, it is time to have new shocks or struts installed.

Tire Wear and Vibrations

While vehicle vibrations can mean a lot of things, you should not rule out the possibility that it comes from your suspension either. This vibration or shakiness can eventually lead to uneven tire wear in a pattern called cupping if your front suspension is affected.


If you need your shocks or struts inspected, we welcome you to Robbie’s At Your Service. We are the top trusted experts in the area of suspension repairs.