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Is There A Difference Between a Flashing Check Engine Light and a Steady Check Engine Light?

Vehicles have an onboard diagnostic system (OBD). The system involves a computer connected to sensors that monitor and control vehicle performance. Whenever the system detects trouble with your vehicle, it alerts the driver through different signals. The check engine light constitutes the OBD system. Most people get a sinking feeling in their stomachs when the check engine lights up. This is because it could be alerting you about a minor issue with the vehicle or a major issue that requires immediate diagnosis and repair.

The check engine light illuminates in two different ways. There are moments it comes on and stays solid, and there are moments in keeps flashing on the dashboard.

A Flashing Check Engine Light

A flashing check engine light is alarming, and there is a need to check the cause with immediacy. When this happens, you need to stop the vehicle immediately and drive it to the nearest auto repair shop for a diagnostic test. It is a sign that warns you before an emergency and indicates potential troubles and vehicle damages. A flashing light may indicate;

  • Failing catalytic converter

A failing catalytic converter is a major problem that is costly to fix. Problems to the converter might be too much to repair. Sometimes the vehicle might require replacing the converter with a new one which is very costly.

  • Possible breakdown

A flashing check engine light might be warning the driver of an impending breakdown. You, therefore, need to stop the vehicle and let an ASE-certified mechanic perform a computerized car test to determine the issue at hand.

A Steady Check Engine Light

A steady check engine light might indicate different car troubles but not as severe as a flashii8ng signal. Some of the problems could include

  • Loose gas caps

  • Transmission troubles

  • Engine timing issues

Whether the check engine light flashes or continues to light up continuously, immediate diagnostic tests are vital. You don't want to get stuck on the road. Driving with a warning might result in road accidents since the car might become immobile without warning. If you need any check engine light computerized tests and repairs, drive to our auto repair shop today. We shall complete convenient repairs and get you back on the road with a guarantee for your safety.