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Simple Tips to Prevent Vehicle Rust

Finding rust on your vehicle can be downright heartbreaking. Rust feels like a death sentence for your car the moment it starts to accumulate. Rust is created when there is a combination of water, oxygen, and salt build-up on metal surfaces. Rust formation is a simple process, but removing it can prove challenging. For most drivers, their vehicle is a significant investment, and it’s essential to keep them in prime condition. While cars do depreciate over time, there are ways to sustain their health and resale value. Below are a few tips to help prevent rust from attacking your vehicle. 

Visually inspect your vehicle.
Check your vehicle for rust spots in areas that are difficult to see. Grab a flashlight and check under the body molding and trim. Also, look around the antenna, sunroof, wheel wells, and other small crannies. A small amount of rust in these areas can spread and result in more considerable damage. 

Regularly wash your vehicle.
Try to wash your vehicle at least every two weeks. A spin through a drive-through car wash will be enough to do the trick. Don’t forget to get a wax as well. A wax as properties within the ingredients can make your vehicle less vulnerable to rust and paint damage. 

Use WD40.
Coat any rust-prone areas on your car with WD-40. After washing your vehicle, WD-40 can penetrate the paint and prevent harmful oxidation that causes rust. WD-40 can offer protection against humidity by keeping critical components dry. 

Take a few extra precautions.
Park your car in the shade in a covered parking spot. This protects your vehicle from bird drips that can eat at the paint. Over time drippings can cause scratches that are a potential breeding ground for rust. Rain is a bit sporadic in Merritt Island; try to avoid parking over gutters or puddles of water. Rust can accumulate and weaken the underbody of your vehicle. 

For more suggestions on removing rust from your vehicle, don’t hesitate to give our professional service advisors a call. This list is not all-inclusive, and we may have a tip or trick better suited for your vehicle. We are a family-owned and operated auto repair shop that has been servicing the Merritt Island community since 1988. We have ASE certified technicians readily available to address your concerns. We work on all vehicle makes and models, specializing in BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota. 

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