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Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Vehicle

The summer season offers an exciting opportunity for road trips and, unfortunately, car problems. Why? A heavy amount of heat can affect your car's crucial components. So, if your summer cheat sheet is filled with trips to the beach, let's help you enjoy the season safely. Go through this checklist before you decide on driving in those harsh weather conditions.

Change the Oil

Summer weather is harsh and can turn your engine smoking hot. That is why lubrication is vital. Never wait too long to change the oil unless you are attempting fate. Your engine is more likely to wear if the oil level reduces. So, ensure your engine is lubricated on regular basis.

Check Your Brake System

Inspecting your brakes to ensure they function well is a no-brainer. But checking your braking system is more than just brakes. Inspect brake pads, brake fluid, rotors, etc., to ensure they are all safe to drive even on the steepest slope.

Inspect Your A/C 

Summer is very hot, so the last thing you may want is something to cool you down. A/C can fail to function for several reasons. So, plan ahead and inspect it before you hit the road.

Check the tires

With record-breaking temperatures associated with summer, your tires are likely to lose pressure more quickly than you can expect. And this can affect the overall performance of your vehicle. So, it is a good idea to check your tires in the morning to ensure they have an appropriate amount of pressure.

Check your battery

Batteries can drain quickly because of heat. The summer heat can hasten the oxidation of most components of the battery. To avoid frustrations when your car won't start, ensure your battery is in good condition.

Inspect coolant levels

As the name suggests, coolants help to cool down your vehicle. So, ensure your vehicle is equipped with enough coolant for it to function well. Also, check any leaks that might cause other issues.

For more tips on how to maintain your car, bring your vehicle to Robbie's At Your Service for quality inspection.