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Symptoms of a Failing Water Pump in Your Car

Summers can get really hot and make your car's engine overheat faster if not cooled properly. Your car's engine must have coolant supplied consistently throughout your engine. That's the duty of the water pump - it is the engine component that maintains a consistent flow of coolant. When it's not working correctly, your engine will overheat, and it won't run smoothly. This can also damage other components of your engine.

Here are some symptoms of a failing water pump in your car.

Coolant Leaks

When you notice some coolant leaking from the front of the car at the center, it may indicate that your water pump is compromised. When the seal and gaskets that prevent the coolant from leaking come off, the flow of the coolant to your engine will be disrupted, and the coolant will leak.

The Water Pump Makes Whining Sounds

A loose water pump belt (pulley) makes whining sounds. A whining noise coming from the motor area is an indication that the water pump has developed some problems. A loose pulley creates a whining or buzzing sound when the car is moving. The sound can also be produced when the bearings operating the water pump wear out.

Overheating Engine

As stated earlier, it's the water pump that helps keep the engine cool. This is because it helps circulate the coolant throughout your engine. So if the water pump fails or is about to fail, your engine will overheat. If you don't repair the water pump sooner, your engine will get damaged further.

The Radiator Produces Steam

When driving and you notice steam coming out from the front of the motor, that's an indication that your engine is overheated. If the water pump is working correctly, you won't see any steam coming from the car as you drive. Steam is a sign of an overheated engine.

So if you notice steam coming from the car, pull over and call your mechanic. Don't drive a car when the engine is overheating. If a mechanic can't reach where you are, you'd rather have the car towed to the repair shop.

Only an expert can help solve your water pump problems. For all your water pump repair needs, bring your car to our auto repair shop today!