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The Most Common Causes of Car Battery Failure

The leading cause to battery failure is most commonly a driver's driving habits. One of the most frustrating scenarios for a driver is getting into your car and having your vehicle refuse to start. A car's battery, though small, is a significant part of the vehicle and the vehicle will not start with flat battery. Let's look at some common causes of car battery failure.

1. Declining with Age

With time, no matter how durable and long-lasting a car battery is, it will perish. This is because over time, the batteries internal resistance increases, leading to failure.

2. Bad Management

Car batteries require care and maintenance too. Improper care is a leading cause of battery failure. If you are not sure of how to take care of and store your battery properly when not in use, read your manufacturer's instructions.

3. Corrosion

Battery terminals are prone to corrosion due to corrosive battery acid. The battery will not charge if the terminals are corroded. Clean the batteries corrosion regularly to allow for better charging.

4. Electric Leak

When not being used, car batteries lose their electric energy. This process, also known as self-discharge, is caused by various factors such as manufacturing practices, aging, operating temperature, battery charge/discharge cycle and more.

5. Cold Temperature

The colder temperatures of cold weather are one of the leading causes of battery failure. It's important to examine your battery and look for signs of weakness. If it is weak, take the necessary steps to help it survive the cold conditions.

Another sign of a failing battery is a battery that goes directly from being fully charged to being fully discharged. Through this process, the battery loses various active materials from its positive plates which leads to battery failure.

Batteries don't last forever, however; their life span is significantly shortened by the above mentioned factors, so learning to avoid them or somewhat be in control can help lengthen your battery's life span. If you need a new car battery, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Robbie's At Your Service today!